Bad breath is a menace that causes embarrassment, anxiety, and loss of self-esteem. Little wonder, store shelves are filled with an extensive collection of mouthwashes, toothpaste, intact, gums, and other products designed to get rid of bad breath. Meanwhile, many of these products are only temporary measures because they cannot get rid of the cause of the problem.


It is highly beneficial to know the causes of bad breath because you might be indulging in any of them unawareness. Although you need to go to a dental clinic to improve your oral hygiene, avoiding the causes of bad breath will go a long way to help you overcome bad breath.

Here are some of the causes of bad breath you need to know:

Poor Dental Hygiene

Ideally, you are supposed to brush and floss at least twice daily to get rid of food particles that remain in your mouth. These food particles will attract bacteria that will work on them and cause your mouth to smell bad. Besides, plaque can build up on your teeth if not brushed away. Plaque build-up will cause gum discard or periodontitis. As a result, if you use dentures, clean them regularly and brush your teeth using proper brushing technique. Floss daily also to improve your dental hygiene.


For particles not brushed away will unavoidably cause bad breath. Also, certain foods such as garlic, onions, and some species can cause bad breath. After eating these foods, they will be digested and get transported into bloodstream and lungs, which will affect your breath.

Dry Mouth

Saliva cleanses the mouth by removing particles that cause bad breath. When the mouth is dry, it is because the saliva production had reduced. This situation occurs naturally during sleep; that is why bad breath is common when you just woke up from sleep. Meanwhile, if you have chronic dry mouth, the chances are high that you would have bad breath. You need to go to a dental clinic and get the needed help and treatment.

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Medication

Tobacco products, alcohol, and certain medications can cause bad breath. Some medicines will result in dry mouth. Smoking is another cause of bad breath. If you drink alcohol excessively, you are likely to have bad breath.

When you visit a dental clinic, your dentist will ask a series of questions to diagnose the cause of your bad breath to prescribe the perfect solution.

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