Do you have a hard time brushing, eating, and drinking because of sharp, temporary pain in your teeth? Do you experience pain in your teeth when you take cold, hot, sweet, or acidic food or drink? Do you have sensitive teeth such that you cannot take some foods or drinks for fear of sharp pain in your teeth? It is high time you knew the causes of teeth sensitivity even if you are visiting a dental clinic anytime soon.

What is Teeth Sensitivity?

Teeth sensitivity is a condition whereby the enamel protecting the teeth becomes thinner, or the gum recedes and exposes the underlying surface causing the enamel and gums to fail to protect the teeth and root adequately. Sensitive teeth result from worn enamel or uncovered tooth roots. The condition may be a result of gum disease, a worn filling, or a chipped or cracked tooth.

Symptoms of Teeth Sensitivity

If you have sensitive teeth, taking foods or drinks that are sweet or acidic, hot or cold could give you brief but sharp pain in your teeth. Besides, you can feel pain in your teeth when you breathe in cold air. This condition may go after some time, but you can visit a dental clinic for help.

Causes of Teeth Sensitivity

The tooth contains a material called dentin that is made up of microscopic tubules filled with nerve endings. The hard external part of the enamel protects the dentin in the crown part of the tooth while the remaining portion of the dentin that extends to the root of the tooth is protected by “cementum.” Therefore, teeth sensitivity occurs when the nerve endings are exposed to direct hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods or drinks due to the failure of the enamel and gum to protect the dentin effectively.

As a result, here are some of the causes of sensitive teeth.

  1. Using a hard-bristled brush or brushing aggressively (this causes the thinning of the enamel)
  2. Gum recession usually caused gum disease (periodontal) exposes the root surface
  3. Grinding teeth at night during sleep.
  4. Tooth decay, damaged or leaking fillings, and cracked or broken teeth that expose the dentin
  5. Plaque Buildup
  6. Gingivitis
  7. Tooth erosion caused by acidic foods or drinks
  8. Long-term use of mouthwash
  9. Post dental treatment sensitivity

The above are the causes of teeth sensitivity and can be treated when you visit a dental clinic. It is best to contact a dentist as soon as possible to minimize the discomfort brought about by teeth sensitivity. Get the right treatment you need, and feel good again.

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